Day 8: Fun with *French* at Home

Today in French we have several classic songs and stories.

Beginning Song

Sing the “Itsy-bitsy spider” in French and practice the accompanying hand gestures (2 min)

“Les Petits Poissons” is a simple song with a familiar tune (1:30 min)

Story time:

This story is the Peppa Pig version of Cinderella, which is quite cute and sure to be a favorite for Peppa Pig fans (6 minutes)

The princess and the frog is a classic tale, this version is suitable for more advanced learners (6:40)

Spring time crafts:

As of today (April 1, 2020), we have had a lovely couple of days of spring weather here in San Antonio. This video shows three spring-themed crafts that your child can make. The video is in French, of course, but a non-French speaking parent should be able to follow along (5 min, gets going about  1 minute in).

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