Day 9: Fun with *Chinese* at Home

Beginning Song in Chinese

“It is small” is a simple song about sizes and weights that beginner learners should be able to follow (1 min):

Story time in Chinese

Where is spot? is a familiar story for many learners. There is lots of repetition which helps language acquisition (2 min):

Mo Willems is a beloved modern children’s author whose books are also available in Chinese. Don’t let the pigeon drive the bus (3 min)

Activity: Making Chinese Churros!

油条 (youtiao) are a little bit like the Chinese version of churros, but we don’t eat them with chocolate :). This is a fairly easy recipe to follow in Chinese: min)

Translations of the ingredients are below:

普通面粉Pǔtōng miànfěn-400克kè

all-purpose flour-400 grams

鸡蛋jīdàn - 2颗kē

eggs – 2


yeast – 4 grams

白糖 báitáng- 3克kè

white sugar – 3 grams

盐 yán- 6 克kè

salt – 6 grams

无铝泡打粉 wú lǚ pāo dǎfěn- 3 克kè

Aluminum-free baking powder

小回香xiǎo huí xiāng –根据自己的口味Gēnjù zìjǐ de kǒuwèi to taste

fennel seed- to taste

常温水chángwēn shuǐ  - 170毫厘háolí

room-temperature water – 170 mililiters


Measurement converters


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