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Experienced, professional educators

Our teachers are native and multilingual speakers with extensive experience living, attending school, and working outside of the US. Our academic team members are experts in early childhood education and language acquisition.
All full-time staff is trained in First Aid and CPR.

Katia Edrenkina

Founder and CEO

Raising two trilingual children in San Antonio inspired Katia to found ISSA as a support for other parents raising multilingual children. She calls San Antonio home, but living on three continents taught Katia the importance of breaking language barriers. Katia holds a Master’s degree in finance from Financial University in Russia and a Master’s degree in nonprofit leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. She brings 15+ years of business and entrepreneurial experience to ISSA. 

Prior to founding ISSA, Katia served as Vice President of Customer Success for Rallyware, a SaaS company, and before that as Manager of Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship for Samsung Electronics America, where she developed an award-winning environmental stewardship program for children across the United States.

Caroline Olivares

Director of Education

Born in Santiago de Chile, Caroline Olivares brings over 10 years of professional experience in teaching, curriculum management, and educational administration. Her credentials and experience have led her to assume educational leadership roles driving the day-to-day school work.  Teacher by vocation and artist by hobby, she loves painting, drawing, and crafting arts.

Caroline holds the Texas Child Care Director License. Her professional education includes a Bachelor of Education, with specialization in Elementary Education, from Universidad Diego Portales, a Graduate Diploma in Curriculum and Educational Administration from the Universidad de Santiago de Chile, and the UNESCO Graduate Diploma in Environmental Education from the Universidad Autonoma de San Luis Potosi.

Stephanie Maksimenko 

Director of Operations

Originally from France, Stephanie brings vast experience in international business development, marketing and management to ISSA. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and Communications from E.S.G.C.I., a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing and Management from PA College and an MBA in International Business and Trade from Dublin Business School.

In addition to her business background, Stephanie also worked as a French teacher at the French Cultural Center in Boston.

Lydyah El’Natan

French Elementary School Teacher

Born in Togo and raised in France,  Lydyah is a trilingual teacher with a Master’s from the University of Poitiers (France) in Applied Foreign Languages. She has more than 10 years of educational experience in San Antonio, TX. Prior to ISSA, Lydyah taught French at an IB World School in SAISD. 

Lydyah loves music and singing and often incorporates music into teaching.

Nikki Fleuriet

French Preschool Teacher 

Born in the U.S. but raised in France, Nikki has a personal understanding of French immersion school. Nikki holds a Bachelor’s degree in political science and French from UCLA, as well as a Master’s degree in international relations and international security from Harvard Extension School. Prior to joining ISSA, Nikki worked in the marketing and government relations sectors. 
Raised in a family of educators, Nikki has a passion for teaching and loves sharing French culture. Outside of school, Nikki enjoys traveling, horseback riding, and spending time with her dogs. 

Evelyn Rivera

Spanish Preschool Teacher

Fluent in Spanish, Evelyn Rivera is an accomplished preschool teacher, bringing over eight years of experience in fostering the development of young children. With a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and a background in community development, human resources, and administration, Evelyn seamlessly integrates her academic knowledge and diverse skills into the classroom. Her previous roles as teacher and lead teacher in other private schools showcase her commitment to creating enriching learning environments that promote social-emotional, physical, language, and cognitive development. Her certifications in Child Development, Childcare Training, and Teacher Guidance, along with awards for core competency in child growth and development, underscore her dedication to maintaining a safe, healthy, and educational space for preschoolers.

Carmen Bedolla

Spanish Preschool Teacher

Originally from Mexico, Carmen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Family Therapy from the Universidad Autonoma de la Laguna. She brings her extensive experience in psychological counseling to ISSA. Some of her previous and most recent experience lies in teaching children of preschool and elementary age.

Yan Jiang

Mandarin Chinese Elementary Teacher 

Originally from Guangzhou, China, Yan also lived in South Korea prior to moving to the United States. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Percussion Instruments and a Master of Arts in Journalism. She has a passion for teaching young children and loves incorporating music in her teaching.  In her early career, Yan used to work in public speaking and media.

Yan (Jenny) Wang 

Mandarin Chinese Preschool Teacher

Jenny obtained her Teacher’s Credential BA from Teacher’s College in Shenyang, China and her Chinese Language Teacher Certificate from the Beijing Language and Culture University in Beijing, China. After moving to the United States, she obtained her Associate Child Care Teacher Certificate from the Santa Barbara City College in CA. She has been working as a preschool teacher in California and then Texas for the past 7 years.

Grace Zhen

Mandarin Chinese Preschool Teacher

Originally from Nanning, China, Grace received her Master’s in Studio Art from the Pensacola Christian College in Florida, United States.

With a notable tenure at one of the world’s largest Christian publishing houses, Grace brings four years of expertise in crafting K-12 curriculum materials to ISSA. Having a genuine love for children, Grace have had the opportunity to work with them in various capacities. Prior to ISSA, Grace worked at an early learning center in Florida, and before that, as teacher assistant in art classes at an elementary school and in after-school programs.

Her goal is to create a stimulating learning environment where young minds can flourish and embrace the joy of education. 

Charlotte Kennedy Harper

English Language Arts Teacher

Charlotte holds a Master of Education in Early Childhood Education and a Montessori Preprimary Diploma. She brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in early childhood and elementary education to ISSA, including the science of reading and evidence-based reading instruction. Her special courses include “Success in Reading and Writing” and “Math Their Way”.

Most recently, Charlotte worked as preschool teacher at the UTSA Child Development Center for almost 10 years. Prior to that, she taught kindergarten at Fair Oaks Ranch Elementary School for 3 years, and before that, she taught in various private elementary and Montessori schools in Louisiana, South Carolina, Georgia and Texas for almost 20 years.

Lionel Kayibanda

French Preschool Teacher / PE Teacher

Originally from Rwanda, Lionel grew up in Belgium and France. He attended the University of St. Louis in Brussels, Belgium before moving to the United States where he graduated from Texas A&M International University in Laredo with a BA in Arts and Sciences. He  worked as youth counselor in the Upward Bound Program prior to joining ISSA. 

Lionel has a keen interest in history and politics, enjoys music, and is a fervent sports enthusiast. His passion for soccer has become contagious throughout the school.

Classes Faculty

Yoali Concepción

Spanish Teacher
Originally from Puerto Rico, Yoali has extensive experience in early childhood education. She holds a Master’s in Psychological Counseling and an Associate’s degree in Early Childhood Studies.

Margot Duque

French Teacher
Margot is a UTSA student, pursuing a bachelor degree in Public Policy with a minor in French. In 2020, Margot spent  7 months in Belgium as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange Program. She has been teaching French at ISSA since September 2020.

Ekaterina Bolshakova

Russian Teacher

Ekaterina Bolshakova grew up in Moscow, Russia, where she received her Master’s Degree in Linguistics with specialization in English, French and Russian as a foreign language from Moscow State Linguistic University. After coming to the University of Northern Iowa as an exchange student, she returned to earn her MA in French Language and Literature. Ekaterina has taught English and French for over 12 years at the middle school, high school, and university levels. She is passionate about learning and teaching, and is excited to join the International School of San Antonio as a Russian instructor. Ekaterina speaks 4 languages and has traveled to over 30 countries. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, doing yoga, cooking, and spending time with her 2 kids.

Yinan Chen

Mandarin Chinese teacher
Yinan is a bi-lingual Mandarin and English speaking teacher. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and Accounting. Prior to joining ISSA in 2021, she worked as Instructor of Chinese language and culture at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

Jenny Zhang

Mandarin Chinese teacher
Originally from Shanghai, China,
Jenny holds a Master’s degree in chemistry. She has a passion for teaching young people and used to teach general chemistry in college before becoming a Mandarin Chinese teacher. 


Our Board of Directors

We're delighted to introduce our board or directors who are sharing their educational, entrepreneurial, financial, leadership, legal, creative, and marketing expertise on our behalf. Meet our exceptionally talented, highly accomplished board members.

Audrey Brunner

Pattie Davies

Katia Edrenkina

Mary Field

McBride Fu

Andrea Garcia Holmes

Julya Jara

Asel M. Lindsey

Join the Team

The International School of San Antonio offers a unique opportunity for teachers to impact students in a dynamic environment.

Current openings

Type de Poste: Poste à temps plein
Lieu: San Antonio, Texas
Genre de travail: Enseignant(e) d’école maternelle
Salaire:  Concurrentiel; déterminé en fonction des qualifications et de l’expérience
Avantages: L’ensemble complet d’avantages sociaux


Notre enseignant(e) de français organise des activités et des expériences pédagogiques appropriées aux enfants, dans un environnement d’immersion dans la langue française. L’enseignant(e) les aide à réaliser leur potentiel de croissance intellectuelle, émotionnelle, physique, et sociale. Il/Elle permet à ses élèves de développer l’aptitude et les compétences nécessaires à leur socialisation.


Les responsabilités de base comprennent:

  • Préparer par écrit et dispenser des cours conformes aux programmes de l’École. Pouvoir fournir un justificatif de ces préparations à toute réquisition.
  • Tenir compte dans la préparation des leçons de diverses méthodes d’apprentissage des élèves.
  • Planifier et employer les stratégies d’enseignement et d’apprentissage, les activités, le matériel et l’équipement appropriés, qui démontrent la compréhension des méthodes d’apprentissage et des besoins des élèves.
  • Évaluer les méthodes d’apprentissage des élèves et utiliser les résultats pour planifier les activités pédagogiques.
  • Toutes autres tâches éventuelles.

Études & Expérience Professionnelle:

  • Licence d’une université agréée
  • Un Master FLE serait un plus
  • Formation à l’enseignement au préscolaire
  • Deux ans d’expérience dans l’enseignement d’une population diverse d’enfants âgés de 2 à 5 ans.

Connaissances et Compétences particulières:

  • Maîtrise du français qui doit être la langue maternelle du postulant/de la postulante.
  • Expérience dans la planification et la mise en œuvre d’un programme d’études adapté au développement des enfants
  • Capacité à enseigner les étudiants et à gérer leur comportement
  • De grandes compétences en matière d’organisation, de communication et de relations humaines
  • Une expérience précédente en pédagogie active et centrée sur l’étudiant serait un avantage.
  • Avoir une apparence et une attitude professionnelles
  • Avoir l’esprit d’équipe et être flexible pour pouvoir s’adapter à tout changement

Compétences Supplémentaires:
Le postulant/La postulante doit être:

  • Conscient(e) que chaque enfant est unique, capable d’apprendre, et capable d’atteindre son plein potentiel
  • Créatif(ve) et chaleureux(euse)
  • Fiable et ponctuel(le)
  • Patient(e) et réfléchi(e)

Exigences supplémentaires:

  • Immunisations à jour
  • Pas de casier judiciaire
  • Doit avoir l’autorisation de travailler aux États-Unis

Nous accordons de l’importance à:

  • la qualité
  • l’innovation
  • la créativité
  • le travail acharné
  • la diversité, l’équité, et l’inclusion
  • l’optimisme
  • les relations personnelles et les partenariats

Le salaire sera décidé en fonction des qualifications et de l’expérience du candidat choisi/de la candidate choisie.
Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV à l’adresse info@issatx.org.




圣安东尼奥国际学校正在寻找一位充满热情的沉浸式幼儿园教育教师。 我们的老师通过沉浸式教学,为学生提供适当的学习活动和学习体验,同时让他们沉浸在目标语言当中。 在学习的过程中老师帮助学生激发他们自己的智力、情感、身体和社会发展的潜力,同时让学生发展自己的能力和技能,以在将来的社会中成功发挥作用。



圣安东尼奥国际学校是一所提供综合性语言沉浸式教育的私立学校,我们的学前班和幼儿园课程面向 3 至 5 岁的儿童,课程内容帮助小朋友们可以流利并自信地使用目标语言,同时为他们将来能有更广泛的教育和职业机会做好准备。 家长可以为孩子选择法语、中文或西班牙语课程。


我们小学部的国际课程以法语、西班牙语或普通话和英语作为目标语言授课。 这个阶段的学生可以很好的发展他们两种语言的阅读技能,并建立他们在数学、科学、社会研究和艺术方面的基础知识, 在小学初等课程的学习中,我们也经常鼓励学生们开拓思维提出问题。



– 根据课程计划向学龄前学生教授指定的科目



– 根据年龄、发展水平和学习需求制定不同的课程计划

– 积极发展家长和教师联系,并促进家长教师的合作关系

– 与家长沟通,了解孩子的学业进展

– 与 ISSA 同事合作,提供高质量的学习体验,并确保整个课程的连续性

– 使用不同的测评方法来评估学生的学习进展,以及他们的在学习过程中的优势和劣势

– 营造友好、尊重、开放和诚实的工作环境,

– 以实用、干净、整洁和有吸引力的方式组织教室空间,酌情鼓励孩子们独立使用课堂用具

– 监督学生在校内的活动,确保教室和校园内每个学生的安全

– 参加提升专业能力的教育培训和研讨会

– 灵活处理临时分配的工作

– 能搬抬 35 磅的重物



经验丰富、喜欢在多元化和国际化环境中工作,有在国际学校工作的经验,尤其是IB PYP授权学校的工作经验者优先。


– 教育或相关领域学士学位,硕士学位/教师证优先

– 流利表达并使用至少一种目标语言(普通话)

– 具有使用跨学科课程框架、设计引人入胜、以学生为中心的课程计划的经验

– 清楚了解儿童发展的各个阶段和儿童的社会/情感需求



– 必须具备良好的办公技能,能够使用标准的办公设备和软件,包括但不限于电脑、打印机、覆膜机等。




薪酬报酬与个人经验和能力相匹配,全职员工享受带薪休假、保险和其他福利。 学校基于NEISD时间表来设置我们的教学日程安排。



请将求职信和简历发送至 info@issatx.org


Job Title
and Description 助理教师 (中文沉浸式的幼儿学校)




Requirements 任职要求

 1. 热爱幼教工作,适宜从事幼教工作;具有较强的学习能力,能够不断学习,提高自身素质。

2. 本科及以上学历,心理学、学前教育、英语教育、对外汉语等相关专业

3.  具有1年以上的幼教工作经验

4. 了解3-5岁不同年龄阶段宝宝发展的基本特点、生理特点、心理发展特点

5. 英语等级证者优先。

6. 必须符合Texas Health and Human Services的要求







 5.经常和家长取得联系,了解幼儿的家庭教育环境 。




Pour postuler, envoyez votre CV à l’adresse info@issatx.org.

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