Day 9: Fun with *French* at Home

Today we have some songs and stories with a ladybug/Eric Carle theme. We hope that you and your child enjoy!

Beginning Song:

This songs about lady bugs is nice and slow for language learners to follow along: (2:18)

Story time: Eric Carle Stories in French

If you have The Grouchy Ladybug in English at home, it will help your child to understand it the French version if you review the English first: : (11 min)

If a simpler book is better for your child, From Head to Toe in French is a good alternative. Young children can do the actions from the book as they listen along: (2:33)

Activity: Yoga and Exercise in French

This video has 40 minutes of yoga and exercise in French for kids who need to get some energy out:

(no need to go through the whole video at once)

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