Preschool at Home Videos

New Videos for Preschool Families

In order to serve our preschool families, the International School of San Antonio has created a video series: Preschool at Home. In these videos, we show parents how to do preschool activities. These videos are in English, in order to be accessible to all our families.

Where to Find the Videos

All of the videos can be found on our Youtube channel, along with our story time videos. The videos are all 5-10 minutes long. Families can do these activities with things commonly found around the house. No trips to the craft store necessary!

What You Will Find in Our Videos

We have begun the series with several videos inspired by Montessori practical life activities. While the International School of San Antonio is not a Montessori school, we do take inspiration from the Montessori approach. The videos show such practical life activities as kitchen activities and pouring activities.

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