Songs in *Chinese* for Language Learners

Why Songs?

Songs can be a great way for language learners to acquire language. This page has six songs to help your child learn Chinese. It is important that leaners be able to understand the meaning of each songs. Each song here is either very simple, already familiar to many children in English, or both.

Simple Songs

Learn to count in Chinese through this simple song, it includes the Chinese word for penguin.

This is an easy song (and also a bit of an ear worm) that teaches greetings in Chinese.

Another ear worm, Baby Shark, also has a Chinese version. Children probably already know this song and can learn family members from it.

Familiar Songs

Lots of songs that American children already know are also available in English. This helps their comprehension of the song because they already know the meaning in English.

The Wheels on the Bus and Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes both have Chinese versions.

Classic Chinese Songs

There are some classic Chinese songs that are simple enough for children to follow along.

Two Tigers is a very well-known Chinese children’s song. Lyrics in pinyin and English are below.

Liǎng zhī lǎohǔ liǎng zhī lǎohǔ pǎo dé kuài pǎo dé kuài yī zhǐ méiyǒu ěrduǒ yī zhǐ méiyǒu wěibā zhēn qíguài

Two tigers, two tigers run fast. One has no ears, one has no tail. Very strange.

Making a Phone Call also a very popular, but simple song. Lyrics in pinyin and an English translation are below.

Liǎng gè xiǎo wáwá ya zhèngzài dǎ diànhuà ya wèi wèi wèi nǐ zài nǎlǐ ya? Āi āi āi wǒ zài yòu’éryuán. Wèi wèi wèi nǐ zài zuò shénme? Āi āi āi wǒ zàixué chànggē.

Two little babies, making a phone call Hello, hello, hello, where are you? I am in kindergarten Hello, hello, hello, what are you doing? I am learning to sing songs

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