Simple Stories in *French* (For Older Kids)

Stories for Older Children

Our resources page for children and families learning French at home has many songs and stories for preschoolers, but there is also lots of great content available for older children! One resource that is great for older kids is Alice Ayel. She is a French woman whose Youtube channel is full of great stories. They are probably best for older children who don’t need bright colors and sound effects to grab their attention. I don’t recommend her videos for students with less than 100 hours of French learning under their belts, unless a proficient French speaker is available to assist.

A Sampling of Stories from Alice Ayel

Alice’s videos about Marie and her dog are a great place to start. This series has several videos so there is a lot of content to keep learners busy.

For learners who are ready for content that is a level up from the stories of Marie et son chien, Alice Ayel also has non-fiction stories in French. A student who is interested in science might enjoy this one about Louis Pasteur.

There are many other videos on her channel, so poke around to see what interests you and your child the most.


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