Simple Stories in *Chinese* (For Older Kids)

Resources for Older Children Learning Chinese

Our resources page has lots of stories and songs in Chinese for preschoolers. Today’s post, however, features stories for older kids. Stories that are appealing to younger learners can often work for older kids, but just in case they are not, we have some options! Children who can already read independently in English will get the most out of these videos.

Stories for Older Kids

Shinaguu Hsieh has a series of stories in Chinese that would be appropriate for beginner students. Learners will need to be able to read in English in order to follow along. The production value is low, however the quality of the content makes up for it. These videos also have subtitles in pinyin.

For kids who are ready to start reading, Diane Neubauer has some great videos. Stat with Mom Needs Chocolate. The video jumps right in with Chinese characters and no English, so it is more suitable for at least advanced beginners.


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