French Learning Resources Guide for Summer


Great for the younger class. Probably too young for the older children.

These are 19 nursery songs. The lyrics are at the bottom of the screen. It’s about 25-minutes.

The songs are separated by theme and have lyrics with a little animation.

There are various categories of songs with several songs in each. These songs are targeted more towards younger children.


Short 1-2 minute podcasts. Each podcast answers a question like why do bees make honey, who invented the internet, etc.

A narrator creates a 10-minute story around famous art at Musée d’Orsay. Each art piece is shown below the podcast.

This podcast reads different stories. These stories can be sped up or slowed down.

This podcast is a 20-minute recap of news happening around the world. It is advertised for children ages 8-12. This podcast can also be sped up or slowed down.


Scanned French books. There is no read-aloud feature, so someone will have to narrate for the children until they are able to read in French.

The stories are read aloud. The text is written below the video with English translations. There are currently 6 stories on this website, but with a subscription, there are more options unlocked.

TV Shows and Cartoons

WildBrain on Youtube has several channels dedicated to translating English children’s cartoons into French. The first link is their main channel with a variety of shows, the second link is to their channel for young children, and the links below are channels that only carry a single series.

Yaytoons TV Family is filled with various 10-minute children’s cartoons.

These cartoons are for younger children.Quels films pour nos enfants? A huge library of movies from France and other countries in French, with the ability to filter by genre and age recommendations. 


The website can switch easily between French and English for fast translations of unknown words. The games are divided between ages 0-6 and 6-10.

This website is more of a quiz website rather than games and immersion. The content is what some of the girls from the older Saturday class were asking for, but it is not immersion. Most of the website is in English, except for the specific words that are being studied in that particular game or quiz.

This website has various games for all age groups. All games have the instructions in both French and English. There is also a vocabulary help section for each game as well.

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