Day 4: Fun with *French* at Home

Learning about Family Members in French

Today’s activity plan is all about families, including animal families, Barbapapa* families and our own families!

*Barbapapa is the name of the character and his species 🙂

Songs about Families in French

Turtle family (with subtitles in French)(1:52)


Finger family (with subtitles in French) (1:20)


Story time:

Barbapapa, a beloved French character, goes in search of a barbamama in Le Voyage de Barbapapa

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i4m0ESQ9Zt8 (5 min)

Making a Family tree in French:

Family members in French  (2 minutes)


Have your kids make their family tree in French. Templates for a variety of different family trees (including multigenerational family trees, adoptive family trees and “circle of care” style family trees): https://www.familytreetemplates.net/category/kids

All of our plans include about 30 minutes of activities, including songs, stories, activities and games. Children do not have to do all the activities in one go. If you have questions about the activity plan, please get in touch.  

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