Day 3: Fun with *French* at Home

Beginning songs (4 min):

Old Macdonald (Dans la ferme de Mathurin) review the names of farm animals with a familiar song:

Mains el l’air, this song is all about the hand gestures, great for younger learners:

Stories: (4 minutes)

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See? (Ours brun, dis moi) Children will be able to follow this familiar story, read in French.

Activity: Animal game

Domestic animals:

(2:30 min)

Have your child draw two of each animal to make a homemade version of the game memory (also called concentration). Older children can write in the names of the animals in French. Children can pay with more or fewer of the animals depending on how difficult they want the game to be. Try to use the French names for the animals as you play the game, e.g. “Quel est cet animal?” “un chien!”

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