Day 3: Fun with *Chinese* at Home

Beginning songs: (2 min)

“Two Tigers” is a very popular children’s song that the kids should know:

The lyrics in the video are all in characters so here they are in pinyin and English

Liǎng zhī lǎohǔ liǎng zhī lǎohǔ pǎo dé kuài pǎo dé kuài yī zhǐ méiyǒu ěrduǒ yī zhǐ méiyǒu wěibā zhēn qíguài

Two tigers, two tigers run fast. One has no ears, one has no tail. Very strange.

Story time: (5 min)

Brown bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?

this version also has the words in English as well as characters.

Activity (10-20 minutes):

Animals in Chinese (10 min)

For your reference, this video introduces 18 animals in Chinese: 狗(dog)、鱼 (fish)、猫 (cat)、仓鼠(hamster)、兔子(rabbit)、乌龟 (turtle)、牛 (cow)、羊(sheep)、马 (horse)、猪 (pig)、鸟 (bird)、鸡 (chicken)、大象 (elephant)、长颈鹿 (giraffe)、鳄鱼 (crocodile)、老虎 (mouse)、熊猫 (panda)、狮子 (lion)

Have your child draw two of each animal to make a homemade version of the game memory (also called concentration). Older children can write in the characters (the stroke order for each is in the video). Children can pay with more or fewer of the animals depending on how difficult they want the game to be.

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