Day 2: Fun with *French* at Home

Beginning songs:

Baby Shark, review the names of some family members with a familiar tune:

(2 minutes)

Tape des mains, this African song shows the hand gestures to go with it:

(2 minutes)


Kids already know the story of the Hungry Caterpillar in English, which helps them to follow the French version:

(5 minutes)

Activity: Making Montessori three part cards for colors

Colors in French:

(2 minutes)

Directions: Three part cards should be cut into three pieces: one card with both the picture and the word, one with just the picture and one with just the word. Have your child make Montessori three part cards to recognize the words for the colors. It will use a lot of ink to print out the colors, so have your child color in the correct colors. A free template for making three part cards is on Teachers Pay Teachers (must create an account).

Rouge (red), orange (orange), jaune (yellow), vert (green), bleu (blue), violet (purple), rose (pink), noir (black), blanc (white), marron (brown)

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