Day 2: Fun with *Chinese* at Home

Beginning songs: (4 min)

“Hello, my name is Tim” Review hello and goodbye in Chinese with this catchy song.

Lyrics are in traditional characters and pinyin.

Wheels on the bus in Chinese:

This video has both the characters and pinyin. It also shows which part of the bus we are singing about pretty clearly as well. For preschoolers and kindergarteners, add in the finger play and hand motions your child may know from singing the song in English.

Story time:

Kid’s favorite David goes to school in this story:

(3 min)


Colors and fruits:

(1:44 min)

The lyrics are in traditional characters.

Have your child make Montessori three part cards to recognize the characters for the colors. It will use a lot of ink to print out the colors, so have your child color in the correct colors.

A free template for making three part cards is on Teachers Pay Teachers (must create an account).

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