Day 11: Fun with *Chinese* at Home

Beginning Song:

“How old are you?” is a short, simple song for Chinese language learners.  (1 min)

Story Time:

Lemons Are Not Red is a great book for learners because it has simple text and shows lots of fruits, vegetables and animals that many children already know (1:38)

If you are looking for something a bit more challenging for your child, Harold and the Purple Crayonis an English-language classic that is also available in Chinese (7 min)

Activity: Paper Octopus

The host of this video speaks much too quickly for language learners to be able to follow, but the craft is easy enough to follow just by watching. Below are some key words to listen for while watching the video. Making a paper octopus (4 min)


章鱼 Zhāngyú


眼睛 yǎnjīng


剪刀 jiǎndāo


一半 yībàn


xiǎo small



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