Day 1: Fun with *FRENCH* at Home

Beginning Songs (7 minutes):

This song covers the numbers from 1-10 (5 minutes):

This song goes up to 20, and includes how to spell them (2 minutes):


Kids usually know the David books, which helps them comprehend the story in French. It ialso uses short sentences and has lots of pictures to aid in comprehension. Story: Non David!:

(8 minutes)

In this story, the ever popular Peppa Pig goes to Paris. The narrator reads the story a little too fast for novice learners, so watch it twice if you can. Story: Peppa Pig Goes to Paris (6 minutes)


The directions to this game are in French, but if is intuitive enough for non-French speaking parents to help their kids. Have your child listen to the directions in French and then count in French. Counting game for animals: (about 6 minutes to play game from start to finish)

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