Day 1: Fun With *Chinese* at Home

Day 1

Beginning song:

Making a phone call is a famous Chinese song:

(Lyrics in Chinese characters)

The lyrics in pinyin and English are:

Liǎng gè xiǎo wáwá ya zhèngzài dǎ diànhuà ya
wèi wèi wèi nǐ zài nǎlǐ ya? Āi āi āi wǒ zài yòu’éryuán.
Wèi wèi wèi nǐ zài zuò shénme? Āi āi āi wǒ zàixué chànggē.

Two little babies, making a phone call

Hello, hello, hello, where are you? I am in kindergarten

Hello, hello, hello, what are you doing? I am learning to sing songs

Counting to ten and up:

This songs guides children through counting to ten with a familiar tune. The other new word that they use is Qì’é (chee-uh), penguin.

This song goes all the way to 100:

Story time:

Here is a favorite story in Chinese (narrated by a kid!):

If you have “David Gets in Trouble” in English, then you can read along with it. 

Activity and optional writing:

This video shows the names of different kinds of pets in Chinese and how to write the characters for them.

Older kids can write the characters and both younger kids can identify which pets they like (喜 Xǐhuān or don’t like (不喜Bù xǐhuān)

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