Raising Multilingual Children: Meet Adriana

Are you considering extracurricular activities in a language immersion program? 

Meet Adriana. She’s mom to Max and Sammy, two of our students enrolled in Mandarin Chinese group language classes. Adriana and her family are from Mexico, and they have lived in San Antonio for the past 7 years. When she was looking for a language immersion program for her sons, she wanted Max and Sammy to learn a language that was completely different from the Spanish they spoke at home. 

Learning languages to develop new skills

Adriana thinks back to her younger sister’s experience, learning English as a second language through an extracurricular program when she was 4 years old. Adriana did not have the same opportunity to study a new language at a young age, but she has seen the impact of this experience in the life of her sister, who now as an adult speaks French, Russian, German, English, and Japanese. 

“My sister learned to be consistent, she’s dedicated, she likes to try new things, doesn’t give up, and has a great memory. These are things she attributes to her study of languages.”

Adriana saw that studying languages was a starting point. Something that opens doors and that has a long-term impact in a person’s development. She wants for her sons to grow into those same character traits. Adriana wishes for Max and Sammy to continue being observant, to not be afraid to ask questions, and to keep developing their creativity well into adulthood. 

An investment for the future

Adriana was looking for her sons to participate in all kinds of enrichment activities when she came to ISSA. On the one hand, so that Max and Sammy could discover what they like, and on the other, so that they develop an understanding of different cultures. She believes that by studying Mandarin Chinese, her sons will have more professional opportunities when they are older, and a different point of view that will help them understand people of all cultures. 

“Education isn’t a luxury. I don’t believe you’re wasting money in this area. It’s an investment for my sons to learn Mandarin Chinese at ISSA.”

Adriana knows that the key to her sons learning Chinese, is in Max and Sammy enjoying the activities they get to do when they’re exposed to the language. She believes this will give them the motivation to keep learning Chinese, but also the desire to learn other languages. Adriana sees that ISSA’s language immersion program worksHer sons are using Mandarin Chinese to have fun and interact with Ms. Mary as she teaches through songs and games. 


Adriana believes that her sons have a head start on learning Chinese before entering grade school, because they were able to start now at ISSA. She also likes how the group enrichment activities span a range of different ages. This allows her sons to interact with older children, and provides a learning opportunity in real-world situations. 

 “Something I find very valuable are the trips to the zoo, and the cooking classes to make French crêpes. Taking the kids out of the classroom to experience [the language] out in the world, through a community in school.”

Advice to parents considering a language immersion program

As a mom, Adriana understands how other parents are trying to do the best for their children, and to provide opportunities for them beyond what they had themselves. With this in mind, she encourages other parents to take the time and visit the school, meet the teachers, and to not be afraid of a new experience. 

“I listen to my sons when they tell me that they’re scared to do something. I ask them: what’s the worst that can happen? That you won’t like something? I always tell them to go for it in everything. And that’s how I approach education for my sons, too.”

To learn more about ISSA language immersion programs, schedule a tour of our campus today, or send us a message to info@issatx.com.

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